Best php websites

best php websites

As part of CodeConquest's Top 50 Series, we are going to highlight 50 of the best websites to learn PHP! Note: for a deeper look at PHP, check. Facebook When Mark Zuckerberg's Harvard classmates first logged in to The Facebook in Till I know PHP is a good platform on which to get a website built, I want more details, as I am not IT. Can someone guide me? What are the top. 16 Best Websites for Learning PHP Programming. Even though I believe that the best way to learn something new is by diving deep into it.

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For instance, you can integrate Paypal with your site using ready-made scripts. I recently moved to Netbeans for PHP and, IMHO, I cannot believe how much better it is than Eclipse. Saravanan07 January 20, 8: It is intuitive with its simple routing structure and commented code to comprehend coding. MrCraft March 30, 8: A student can enroll php course for free and learn java step by step with video examples. It follows MVC convention so make development rapid Easy configuration so setup database and start work because it never requires XML and YAML files Translations, database access, caching, validation, authentication are inbuilt features It keeps application consistent and logical by providing basic organizational structure such as file names to database table names It is flexible with integrated CRUD Create, Read, Update, and Delete features It offers built-in features for email, session, cookie, and request handling Code generation and scaffolding offers programmers create prototypes fast and reuse code 5:


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